San Gabriel-Mission Valley Optimist Club

When the world seems dark, all we need is a spark to light it up. One little spark is enough to light our desire and turn this into a blazing, massive action that will make the change we need to see.

Welcome to the San Gabriel-Mission Valley Optimist Club. We take pride in our organization’s effort to bring the best out of our children so they can be great members of the society. We have been working along with other groups in developing young minds to become the future leaders of our country. 

And fortunately, the reception we have received from young minds in different places where we have a presence has been really warm. We were able to easily build connections and networks that made our work easier. 


That is only the first phase of what we are trying to achieve. For us to be able to realize fully our goals, we really need the support of new blood that will continuously fuel our desire to accomplish what we have started.

And we need volunteers! If you are young, fit, and with passion to serve others without expecting much in return, then this is the perfect opportunity for you. It might not be as glamorous as other volunteering activity that you know but this is a great opportunity to discover your potential. At the same time, you will be able to develop your skills more while helping others.


And the great thing about being a part of our volunteer circle is you have the opportunity to master your skills in an environment where you will be supported all the way. We want all our volunteers to learn our method and at the same time, develop their commitment to their craft. Through volunteerism, we want to help them fulfill their personal goals and mission, at the same time, give them the opportunity to help out others.

 We are very happy that through the years of doing this, we have developed and helped several young leaders to unlock their potentials. And with that, we were able to help them to be a better version of themselves. They were able to use what they learned in their experiences in their own personal lives and every time we see them achieve their goals, one by one, we are happy that they are continuing to live their lives with purpose using the knowledge they got from us.

The Time Is Now

There is no better time than now. If you feel the call in your heart, then don’t hesitate to heed the call. This is your chance to give meaning to your life, and share a part of you to those who need it. Together, we will light up the world with our optimism and positivity. Together, we can push through the dark times and create a world that will be great for us.

As the fruits of our efforts unveil before our eyes, we realized that we started something bigger than ourselves. We saw bright young minds with the potential to lead and mold the future. There is so much work to do. It’s been a roller coaster ride, but seeing these children in need of guidance and sheltering, how can we ever stop? We know that we are tapping into something unimaginable or what we may consider impossible, but if we unite and work together with amazon left hand brace, impossibilities are just opportunities waiting to be discovered.

 If you are interested to be a part of our community, do not hesitate to contact us so we can start the process. You are important, and we need you to make our goals a reality.