Optimist Lifestyle: Volunteerism at its best

Although it is a bitter pill to swallow, our society’s problems nowadays are getting out of hand. Education is becoming a commodity that only those with money can afford. Medical services are not easily accessible especially by those who really need it. In some ways, money can make the difference between achieving your dreams and living in poverty.

That is why, here in Optimist Club, we are developing new leaders from our youth of today to be better versions of themselves. Through our volunteer program, we are accepting youth student leaders from different places to go through our development seminars and training that will empower them to run some of our projects.

Our Volunteer Program

The first part of our program is understanding our purpose. As a volunteer, you will be exposed to different leaders of the club in order for you to get the reason why we are doing what we are doing. Purpose is the fuel that we need in order to run this club. It is our motivation especially during times that things are tough.

The second part of our program is exposure. In here, you will be assigned in different projects. You will be given the chance to take part in those programs. We will be expecting that you will observe the processes that we are doing so you will have an idea of how we run our projects.

Lastly, you will lead your own project. This part is reserved to those who will make it to the end as not everyone will have this chance. You will need to show that you are serious in pursuing this, that you are motivated not only by the fame and opportunity, but your genuine heart for service.

Graduates of the Program

Most of those who finished our programs are doing well in their respective careers. They are the ones inspiring our next batch of leaders who will undergo the program. At times, they still help out in any way they can. We are very proud to have these new young blood of leaders that our country desperately needs today.