Related Services

Aside from our main services, we are also doing other services for our dear volunteers and partner institutions. These services are not that consistent as of now, but we are working into making it our prime services once the funds and operational requirements that we have meet the desired expectations. The following are some of our related services.

  • Specialized Seminars

We conduct special seminars based on the need of an organization or community. The topics of these seminars vary depending on what they request. What we do is we ask a professional to do the seminar and share their experiences and knowledge to those who really need them. And then afterwards, we try to follow up with the results of their implementation to really know if what we did was effective. It matters to us that what we are doing in seminars have real life impact to their lives in general.

  • Career Road Mapping

We are also helping those who are lost in their chosen career. We know that sometimes, it is difficult to decide which track to take because there are so many options and there are so many things to consider. That is why, we also conduct career road mapping talks wherein we try to open up more choices to our young leaders. We provide them with different insights from professionals in the field so they can make their own choices by themselves.

  • Alumni Support

We are also doing continuous alumni support to all of our young leaders who underwent our program. We want them to have continuous learning opportunity so they can continue to explore their potentials and reach their dreams. We also have a tight community wherein other alumni are supporting each other by providing verified sponsorship supports and opportunities that they can partake in. Through that, we were able to secure the future of our young leaders.