Service before Self: A lifestyle


We are living in a world where we are preoccupied by our own responsibilities. Sometimes, we are too busy with our jobs, or the dream we have been chasing for a long time. But there are moments when we feel that there is something missing. That no matter what you do, the passion that you want to have is just not there.

There are others who discovered that when your life’s purpose is missing, you just need something to fuel again your desire. If you looking for ways to fill that void missing in your life, you might consider doing some volunteer works in order to understand yourself more.

The Life of Service

Service before self has been a tradition of others who discovered the unique experience and fulfillment that you receive when you serve others. This type of activity that you commit into is something that you can be proud of because no one is forcing you, and you made that decision yourself.

If that is something that you want to consider, then you might as well start looking for something to volunteer on. It might be difficult at first, but when you find the perfect group or organization, it will be a breeze.


But remember, service before self should not be a one-time thing. It should be embedded in your blood so it will be authentic and not something that you just do out of boredom or fun. Don’t fall for the fad of volunteering because your friends did the same. Make it real by really knowing the reason why you are doing it.

The good thing about having this lifestyle is it will develop not only your skills and the way you relate to others, but also your character. It will teach you the importance of helping other, those who need help. And during those moments, when serving others will teach you valuable lessons that you can use not only in your personal lives but also professional lives.

 There are many foundations, or organizations that are looking for volunteers who will selflessly offer themselves and their skills for the benefit of others.