To stay true to our calling, we are continuously working hard in order to provide the best service whenever we conduct our activities. However, all of these won’t be possible without our never tiring volunteers who tirelessly sacrificed their times, talents, and skills in making our goals finally a reality. The following are some of the services we offer:

  • Scholarships

Thanks to the never ending support of our partners, we have different scholarships where our students can choose from. These scholarships have different requirements that they can checkout in order for them to determine if they are qualified or not. Some of these scholarships are full-board, meaning we will shoulder all the cost of your studies. Most of these scholarships have a clause that you have to spend some years working for a particular cause to pay off the cost of your studies.

  • Leadership and Communication Trainings

Our country badly needs leaders who can communicate well so they can inspire others to be a part of nation building. However, it is not a very common skill. That is why, we are continuously doing different leadership and communication training for young leaders so they can learn by themselves and they can apply what they learned in their own field. We are very happy to see the growth of our leaders as they explore their potentials in their own communities, and schools.

  •  Events and Outreach

We are also consistently doing events and outreach to make our foundation more accessible to other people. We believe that the young leaders we develop should be exposed to the real problems of the society. They need to be integrated well so they can make their decisions in the future based on the reality of the environment they are living in. By being sensitive to the needs of others, they will become effective leaders.