Teaching Your Kids The Power of Moments

Parenting is a forever job with no day off nor vacation leave. As difficult this job as it may seem, everything we do is a sweet sacrifice. We don’t get paid with code promo ifolor nor sometimes get the love back, but we strive every day to be the greatest parent we could ever be.


Small Choices Are as Important as the Big Ones

The power of moments happens to us every day. In every choice we make, the choices slowly define our character that later on defines the paths we will take in the future. Teach your child that small choices are as important as the big ones. If your kid throws a tantrum on you on working kkday discount codes, explain to him the impact of his action once he already calmed down. Tell him that the tantrum he threw at the mall is a powerful moment that will negatively affect him in the future. Explain in your own way that he can make better power moments that he would be proud of.

Magnify the Small Wins

motherDid your son get high scores in his quizzes? Don’t ignore the small wins, magnify them instead. Let your child grasp this small win as a powerful moment. Treat him using glassons promo code, or bond in your favorite ice cream parlor. Whenever he makes progress, magnify it. There is a difference between spoiling and rewarding. Your kid will understand, good things happen to children who persevere.

Altering those Crushing Moments

Do you have bad memories of your childhood? Did those moments changed or affected the way you think and live today? Crushing moments like watching our parents fight create a memory in us, and we respond in different ways. If your child had a crushing moment like losing a baseball game or getting bullied in school, it is imperative to alter these crushing moments. Buying them wiggle promo code to make them feel better won’t work. You have to find a person who is going through the same thing and use that person as an example. It could even be Spider-Man. For example, Spider-Man had his fair share of loses along the way, but they didn’t stop him for being the superhero he is meant to be.

Walk the Talk

Giving your kid a two-hour lecture won’t help if he or she can’t see that you are walking the talk. You tell your kid to not be obsessed with material things yet here you are, can’t resist online shopping discount coupons. What you show to your kid is a “power moment”. You are planting seeds in his subconscious mind. As parents, we are a great influence in the life of our child. If you want to teach them a lesson, the best way is not to tell them but to show them.