A Guide to the Fundamentals of Point Spread Betting

If you bet on sports played in the United States, there is a good possibility that you are familiar with the concept of point spreads. In a matchup where the Patriots are favored by 9.0 points and the Vikings are favored by 9.0 points, the Patriots are the favorite team and the Vikings are the underdog team. Here’s how it works. Unless otherwise specified, the minimum needed wager for each dollar that you wish to win is $1.10, and this applies regardless of whatever team you choose to bet on. Bettors on the Patriots need their team to win by at least 10 points for them to cash in on their wagers. A win by the Patriots by nine points would result in a push, or a tie. Bettors on the Vikings need the team to either win the game outright or lose by less than nine points for them to collect their winnings.

Because the vast majority of recreational bettors like to gamble on even money propositions, point spreads are used. In the previous illustration, if there were no point spread, the only betting option available would be the moneyline. Therefore, if odds makers are giving the New England Patriots a 73% probability of winning a game, then the bookmaker would have no alternative but to ask Patriot bettors to invest $3.00 or more for each $1.00 they hope to win in order to be able to accept bets and still have a little profit margin.

Because the chances are even when using a point spread, the typical wager required to win one dollar is just one dollar and ten cents. This fact makes point spreads enticing to recreational bettors, who often have the misconception that it is simple to profit from using them. We have no choice but to tell you the truth; while it is not simple, it is not impossible either. The approach that is discussed in this post ought to be of assistance!

Simple Guidelines for Wagering on Point Spreads

The point spread betting strategy for each sport and league is clearly going to be different, but the following four recommendations are generic enough that they may be applied to any of them.

Take Advantage of Any Bonuses That Are Available

Utilize a Number of Different Betting Websites

Take Extra Caution with Popular Routes

Comprehend the Important Numbers

Let’s go a bit more into each of these suggestions now, shall we?

Take Advantage of Any Bonuses That Are Available

Opening an account with an online betting site and making use of the sign-up bonus offered by that site is one of the ways that people earn money off of sports betting. This provides you with more funds with which to gamble, and given the relative simplicity of point spreads, it should not be too difficult for you to fulfill the wagering conditions related with the promotion while still coming out ahead. Your prospective rewards will be maximized if you carry out this method at a number of different betting sites. We just request that you limit your browsing to trusted websites, such as any of the ones that we have listed below for your convenience.

Utilize a Number of Different Betting Websites

We have previously discussed how utilizing a variety of different betting sites enables you to make use of a variety of different bonus offers. That is not the sole advantage, by any means. Because point spreads may vary from one betting site to the next, one of the most effective strategies for winning at these bets is to examine a number of various spreads to determine which one has the greatest odds. This won’t take nearly as much time as you would think it will, but in the long run, it will have a significant impact on the amount of money you bring in.

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